11 mistakes that will reduce the life of your dog


Not spaying or neutering

Experts like Dr. Mahaney agree that forgoing spaying and neutering can be dangerous to your dog’s health. “Spaying and neutering is still the best way to guarantee reducing the risk of several cancers, let alone the behavioral issues you can see with intact dogs,” he explains.Additionally, each heat cycle that a female dog goes through makes her more prone to the development of mammary cancer, says Dr. Werber. Intact males are also more likely to develop prostatic diseases and testicular cancer than their neutered counterparts.Solution: You can arrange to have a spay or neuter procedure done at your local veterinary office. If cost is an issue, there are many clinics that offer low cost procedures; call your local pet clinics and shelters to find out when they are having a special on the procedure. And as far as when to have the procedure done, there are different guidelines for different breeds. “There have been many modifications made with regards to large breed dogs [and] when is the best time is,” says Dr. Mahaney. “For this reason, you should discuss and plan the procedure out with your vet.”source