11 mistakes that will reduce the life of your dog


Neglecting canine dental care

Periodontal disease (gum disease), is a common problem in dogs. As the American Humane Society reports, veterinarians estimate that 85 percent of dogs over five years of age suffer from the condition, which develops after food and bacteria collect along the gum line and form plaque in a dog’s mouth. A build-up of oral bacteria can ultimately lead to all sorts of health problems for your pet, including heart valve problems and infections within the kidneys. Solution: Dr. Jeff Werber, owner of Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, CA, recommends grabbing a toothbrush and scrubbing your dog’s teeth as often as you can.“It’s not that difficult to brush your dog’s teeth (the finger brush works great) and there are chew toys and bones that assist in reducing plaque, as well as water additives that help maintain oral health,” he explains. It’s also a good idea to schedule a visit with your veterinarian for a professional cleaning session at least once each year, says Dr. Werber.